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In the tapestry of
life, we’re all

Each one of us is a gift to those around us helping each other be who we are, weaving a perfect picture together.”

Anita Moorjani

Celine Fontaine

Coach, Facilitator & Community builder

I feel called to understand and heal the fractures that disconnect us from ourselves, from others, from the wider world around us and, as a result, threaten our sense of belonging and keep us from feeling whole.

My mission is to find the holes in the fabric of life, the missing threads, and weave back the tapestry we are all part of.

I am passionate about helping you discover who you are, what you long for and wish to bring to life in this human experience. By getting behind your social conditioning, your stories, and your beliefs, you can feel a sense of true belonging and reconnect to who you are.

Too many of us have been led to believe that to succeed, to find our place in the world, to live a life worth living and to stay safe, we need to follow certain rules.

The system sets these rules of the game: we need to be better than or to possess more than others to distinguish ourselves and give us a raison d’être.

This is the story of separation, and its disturbing side-effects can now be felt across the world. This separation story, which promised us a place we could fit in this lifetime, has made us forget who we are and what we stand for.

Why must we go through life-changing events, physical or emotional pain, illness, loss, or even trauma, to understand what really matters to us and what life is all about? Why is loneliness so prevalent? Why does it seem so difficult to access and understand what our hearts and souls are telling us?

What if you knew how to feel more alive, more connected to yourself and others, and how to bring a sense of purpose and belonging back into your life?

If you are willing to take the challenging leap of faith to reach your potential, shine your light, and connect with your aliveness, then I want to help and support you.

What I Do

Get back on your feet, run and rise and become who you feel you are meant to be!

I want to help you if you:

  • long to get more out of this lifetime, regardless of your life experience, achievements or perceived ‘failings’;
  • want to get in touch with your unique gifts and express them in the world; or
  • want to embark on a journey of self-discovery and deep reconnection with yourself and others.

I also want to support organisations and institutions in placing human connection, mental, emotional and physical well-being and conscious leadership at the forefront of their vision, mission and strategy.

To find out more or to discuss how I can best be of service to you, please contact me or sign up for my newsletter.

I would highly recommend Celine. She has a warmth of spirit that makes you feel safe and supported by exploring the inner terrain. She helps you to see possibilities when stuck and expand into new ways of showing up in the world. With her powerful listening, you find the way forward regardless of where you are going. It has been a profound experience working with her.
Jay Weinstein, Australia
Coach, Photographer & Travel Guide
Working with Celine these past 3 years has been wonderful and, with each session, I see my mental resilience growing largely because of her techniques and the connected, compassionate way that she approaches coaching.
Vilmajit Kaur, Singapore
Legal Counsel at Amazon Web Services
Celine has honed her craft over decades of deep and profound inner work. Her awareness and presence enables a safe way for workplaces to urface the hidden and subtle forces that “rule” our organisations. These intangibles forces that we don’t see are precisely the forces that drive tangible outcomes at the tip of the iceberg. Her craft lies in bringing that “Inside-Out” approach to not only organisational coaching but also healing and transformation.
Santosh Kumar, Singapore
Consultant at Oppi

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About Me

Weaving Back the Tapestry of Life

For almost two decades, through my powerful intuition and my commitment to serve, I have been helping people discover and reconnect to themselves, helping them uncover a clearer roadmap to their ingenuity.

I have worked in Learning & Development for major corporations and renowned professional services firms, across several continents, supporting senior leaders and teams to develop the skills, the endurance, and the mindset to navigate the uncertain and complex world we live in. I have gained a good understanding of the sociology and psychology of high-achievers and how workplace cultures can positively affect the mental, emotional and physical well-being of their people.

My passion lies in creating safe and brave spaces where people can drive pleasure from learning, experience authentic human connection and get in touch with their strengths, values, belief systems and who they long to be. I want to help people find purpose, belonging and wholeness in their lives—essential elements we all need to thrive and effectively lead others.

Today, I draw on my innate abilities and my credentials in sociology, psychology, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, leadership development and body/mind practices to coach my clients, lead workshops and facilitate group processes.

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It’s not about how much you do, but how much love you put into what you do that counts.”

Mother Teresa

Guiding principles

Change is possible by taking a stand. Through my own life journey, and the journeys I have witnessed in others, I have discovered that change requires patience, perseverance, the support of fellow travellers and strong guiding principles. These are mine:

  • finding a path to healing, by recognising the wounded parts of us, is the most beautiful gift we can give our children and all future generations;
  • navigating and overcoming the challenges of our times means restoring human connections in society, including in the corporate world;
  • building a more just society requires us to listen deeply, to question powerfully, to recognise our mistakes and to leave room for silence when we don’t know what to say;
  • being a seeker, keen for inspiration, and finding beauty in the smallest details of everything, are the most precious gifts of the human mind. 


  • Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Sociology (Royal Holloway University –  University of London)
  • Coach Training Programme  (Bailey Balfour, ICF ACTP Path)
  • Neuroscience for Coaching (Dr Paul Brown, Organisational Neuroscience, Monarch Business School Switzerland)
  • Positive Psychology (Positive Acorn – Dr Robert Biswas-Diener)
  • Transformational Coaching (Nicholas Janni)
  • Power of Embodied Transformation (Strozzi Institute)

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